Transformed Discipleship: Session 1

TD1 Session Summaries


The God Who Loves You: Week One

Session Summary:

In this first session we begin to examine who God is and what He is like. Our loving God has created us in His image and revealed Himself to us so that we might know Him as He is, not in as we sometimes try to make Him out to be.


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Your Identity in Christ: Week Two

Session Summary:

Many people try to live according to a standard that they believe to be good, but ultimately God’s standard is the only one that really matters, and His standard is perfection. That leaves us with a problem since none of us is perfect. This session looks at our helpless state before a Holy God and how Jesus has made a way for us to be forgiven and accepted before Him.


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God’s Love Letter: Week Three

Session Summary:

What is the Bible all about? Can the Bible be trusted? How do I begin to study the Bible? This session addresses these questions and provides a helpful tool that will enable you to begin studying the Bible on your own.


Communicating with God: Week Four

Session Summary:

Prayer is vital to the Christian life but many Christians aren’t exactly sure why or how it works. Learning from Jesus words to His disciples, this session will help you to develop a balanced prayer life through which you start to grow in intimacy with your Heavenly Father.



Follow Me: Week Five

Session Summary:

Jesus doesn’t call people to pray a prayer and then continue to live the way that they always have done. He makes a radical call for all who would come after Him to lay down their life and follow Him. This session explains that in order to be a disciple of Jesus we should count the cost, live in obedience to our Lord and actively seek to invest ourselves in the lives of others so that they too will become disciples.



Part of the Family: Week Six

Session Summary:

Connection to a local church is and has always been God’s plan for His people. This session talks about the essential role that a local church plays in our Spiritual growth and what it looks like for us to be connected to and committed to a local body of believers.



Dealing with Temptation: Week Seven

Session Summary:

Why do I still struggle with sin even after coming to Christ? If you’ve ever asked that question, you’re not alone. In this session you will learn how to guard against sin in your life and to take a hold of God’s promises and provision for you when you do sin.



Going Public: Week Eight

Session Summary:

In this session you’ll learn about 5 distinguishing marks in the life of a disciple of Jesus. You’ll also learn how to begin to share your story of faith in Jesus with other people.



Generous Living: Week NIne

 Session Summary:

As followers of Jesus, the Bible instructs us to be people who are generous with our time, our talents, our treasures and our talk. In this session you’ll discover what this means and how to grow in generosity. You’ll also learn that God has entrusted Spiritual Gifts to you and you’ll be shown how to begin to discover what they are.


Generous Living

Pilgrim’s Progress

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